Exploring LIfe’s Lessons With “Bo John’s Train”

Bo John's Train, Dana Walton, father, trains, grief, childrenIt has been said that people come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Although we may not understand someone’s purpose in our life at the time, when we allow ourselves to sit back and observe, many times, their purpose becomes clear. It is up to each individual to use the situation to their advantage and allow themselves to learn from the people that are in their lives.

People come into our lives, and they make an impression. That impression can either be good or bad. In the story “Bo John’s Train”, the main character “Bo John” makes a good impression on the people who lived in the town through which he drove his train. Although many of the townspeople may not know him personally, they know his face; and they know that he is the man who drives the freight train. Bo John makes an impression on those people simply by smiling and waving at them as he passes through town. At other times, he shows himself to be a fun person, someone who is full of life. He gives the townspeople a little ray of sunshine as he rides through town- on his freight train, or in his big, fancy car.

As a result of the affect that Bo John has had on the people of this small town, they really notice when he is absent from the scene. They had become so accustomed to seeing Bo John around town. When he was gone, the entire town felt the blow of his absence. In life, this is reality. When someone who creates an impact in our lives is no longer a part of our lives, that absence is felt. Regardless of the reason behind the disappearance of that person, their absence from our lives is apparent.

Upon Bo John’s return, the town is overjoyed! It is as if they had been waiting, watching, and wondering if he would ever reappear. When someone who touches our hearts walks back into our lives, it is as if a part of our hearts has been restored. We all have the ability to have that type of impact on others. There is no way to ever really know the effect that we have on those people who cross our paths. We never know the effect that our actions may have on another person. Many times, life is all about perception. For this reason, it is important to bear in mind the Golden Rule. When we do unto others, as we would want others to do unto us, our lives may have a different purpose than we originally planned. The things we do- and think nothing of- may mean the world to someone else.


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