Upcoming Projects

SharingBo John’s Train” with the world has truly been a dream come true.  When I initially published this book, I didn’t expect the response that I have received.  I always figured that regardless of whether others purchased the book or not, I had fulfilled a personal goal, and I was truly satisfied with that.  HOWEVER, as people read the book, I continue to receive positive feedback, and I feel truly blessed that others read this story, enjoy it, and are able to relate to it.

Bo John's Train, Dana Walton, Trains, Children, Fathers, DaughterBo John was my father, and it had always been my desire to share his stories with the world.  Growing up with him around was pretty cool indeed.  There was always laughter, for he was a practical joker.  He loved to tell stories, and to this day, we still share those stories and laugh.  In conversations, various family members will quote some of his one-liners, and we laugh because we all remember the exact time and place when that particular statement was made.

At the moment I am focusing on marketing this book and getting the word out about “Bo John” and his trainOn Valentine’s Day, I will be speaking at a Black History Luncheon in Sanford, Florida; and a few days later, I will be greeting some of my readers at a Book Signing- also in Sanford.  I am very excited because I am a native of Sanford, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to share my book with the community in which I was raised.  In addition, many of these people actually knew my father.  So, it will be cool to share memories with his classmates and friends.

I have many plans for “Bo John’s Train”.  This book can be used as an aid to help children who are suffering from grief, and I intend to explore that further by using my book to help counsel children who are in the grieving process.  I am also planning to participate in various Book Expos in the Atlanta, Georgia area and beyond.  I will also continue reading to classrooms and library patrons.  It is my desire to see “Bo John’s Train” on library shelves, and this will be my next endeavor.  I have several other projects up my sleeve, but I’m not quite ready to speak on those just yet.  I am so overwhelmed by the excitement and responsibility that comes along with being a published author.  I feel such a deep sense of commitment to sharing the story of “Bo John’s Train” as well as other adventures my father had.  Please stay tuned as I continue to share Bo John’s legacy and make him proud.Bo John's Train, Dana Walton, father, trains, grief, children


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Projects

  1. Mimi Tracey Sanford

    Awesome Dana! I think you are off to a fabulous start and wish you a multitude of success with the legacy of Bo John!


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